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9. “Having worked with Mark Hachenberg, I can say that Hackenberg and Sons is extremely knowledgable and their staff is very helpful. More impressive, they have always been committed to being involved with the community.”Marie Sierra, ASMTA – piano teacher 10. “As a piano teacher in Tucson for 30 years, I am most grateful to Hachenberg Pianos for their support and fair business practice. The standard for Hachenberg Piano has been both unusually high and consistent through good times and bad. Most businesses, including music stores can not say the same.”“Hachenberg is the only music store in Tucson that I recommend or would endorse to my students. In these difficult times, I am very grateful for their consistent support of teachers, but also for their support for all the arts.”Ann Taylor , TMTA – piano teacher 11. “Hachenberg Pianos has for many years been an outstanding supplier of quality pianos for the Tucson community. Many of my students have purchased pianos from you and been very pleased with the professionalism and knowledge of you and your staff. Your support of countless Tucson Music Teachers Association events and especially our annual Piano Ensemble concert is very much appreciated by teachers, students, and families throughout the community.”Kay Couch, TMTA – piano teacher 12. “Thank you for your kind, professional, and courteous affiliation with musical families and Tucson Music Teachers Association over the past several years. Hachenberg Pianos offers quality instruments and services to music teachers and the public. Young families in need of a piano are especially appreciative of the opportunity to rent pianos with the option to apply the monthly fee toward purchase. Over the years, I have sent numerous families with beginning piano students to your store, knowing that they can find a quality instrument which will also look attractive in the home.TMTA is very grateful for Hachenberg’s involvement and participation in the annual Piano Ensemble concert held at the University of Arizona’s Centennial Hall. Hachenberg’s pianos are used in concert and in weeks of rehearsal at the U of A School of Music. Your generosity allows TMTA to continue its 50+ years of this memorable, formal event which involves hundreds of young pianists from around southern Arizona.Finally, TMTA and I thank you for storing the extensive Ensemble music library in your store. You graciously offered to do this when, with no time to spare, I was desperate to find a location!Tucson Music Teachers Association members, especially myself, appreciate your generosity and professionalism. Thank  you, Mark! “ Sincerely,Heather MurphyTMTA Music LibrarianEnsemble Committee Member 13. “Finding the right piano, even for an adult “re-beginner” can be an odyssey. If you don’t think so, pick up a copy of “Grand Obsession” by Perri Knize.  I began my Tucson piano shopping by visiting the city’s three piano showrooms. On my first visit to Hachenberg’s, a very well respected RPT gave me a nice, no pressure tour of the showroom. Although my budget suggested a used grand or perhaps a new upright, I was drawn repeatedly to the small Grands, even though they were beyond my budget. I had owned a grand before moving to Tucson that I had given to my daughter and I wasn’t sure I could return to the uprights. I would visit several more times talking again with Mark Hachenberg.I really appreciated that both Mark was happy to leave me with my music, moving from piano to piano trying to find just the right instrument at the right price point. There was never any pressure to rush to a decision and frankly I suspect they didn’t really believe I would even wind up buying there. Mark knew that I was also looking at a new Boston and that I was leaning heavily toward a used Boston that was very reasonably priced, although the latter was a bit bright for my tastes. On one of my latter visits I shared with Mark that I had actually paid a tuner to tune the used Boston to see if it would tone down any of the brightness and that it had not. It seemed that a few thousand dollars might turn it into the piano I wanted, but I was reluctant to invest that in a smaller grand.Mark suggested that I try one of the pianos on the floor. To this point I had not done so because the price really was out of my range. I tried the ebony gloss and at once understood what the talk on the online piano forums about “falling in love” with a piano’s sound was all about. This was a sound I felt I had to have, but it was quite above what I had talked with my wife about spending. The sound was captivating. Mark quipped that they had “tweaked” the sound and he must have, for at only 5’10” it sounded unlike any piano of that size I had ever played—it sounded much larger.I spent time corresponding with friends on the Piano World forums, only to find others who were aware of their, and one other person from Albuquerque who had actually sat in Hachenberg’s and played that same piano for an hour. He termed the sound “exceptional.”I was smitten and in a dilemma because of price. Mark worked every angle he could in terms of exploring financing options, even calling the manufacturer to squeeze an extra rebate out of them. I returned to the store several more times to play “my piano.” Finally one day Mark called again. With absolutely no pressure he told of calling the manufacturer to see if he could squeeze out a deal that I could afford and offered me my piano at a price that was still out of my original range, but which I was willing to stretch to afford. We worked out financing terms and I said “yes.” The piano was delivered at the beginning of November and I have been enjoying it since. Equally important is the after care. I noticed a chip in the fallboard and a slight mis-fitting of the wing. Mark promised that I would receive a call from a local piano service and told me the name of the technician he would have sent out to take care of the slight problems. Everything happened the way he said it would. Frankly, considering that Mark knew I was in love with this piano, he didn’t need to be so generous. But perhaps because he knew I was in love, he worked that much harder to make it a reality for me. I work with CEO’s and advise business people all of the time. My experience as Hachenberg’s has been fantastic. Mark and his family are gems and Tucson, and I am very fortunate to have them here. I am happy to endorse Hachenberg’s and its people without reservation.” Gary HirschTucson Group Chair“Dedicated to Increasing the Effectiveness and Enhancing the Lives of Business Owners and Chief Executives.”http://www.vistage.com/chairs/Gary.Hirsch.html 14. “I have had several dealings with Hachenberg Piano Company. I have always been treated with respect and care. When shopping for a grand piano for our church, we were given a great opportunity on a used piano and we are still reaping the rewards of that purchase. The Hachenberg team is always ready to help in any way they can. As a member of the Tucson Music Teachers Association I have appreciated the help they have given us in many of our endeavors.”Sondra Franks, TMTA – piano teacher 15. “When a friend at Yamaha learned I was relocating to Tucson, he was eager to intruduce me to Hachenberg & Sons Piano. He spoke at length about what an outstanding dealer Hachenberg is and now that we’ve met, I couldn’t agree more. It is currently my pleasure to be associated with a dealer who not only sells a good product, but encourages me to do my best to take care of every customer. First-rate dealers and excellent customer relations begin at the top.”Bob Conrad, Tucson AZRegistered Piano Technician, Piano Technicians Guildhttp://www.pianotuningtucson.com 16.  “Hachenberg Piano is the only piano store I send my students. They place my student’s needs first and guide them in a very honest and caring way.”Dr. Astrid Chan, piano teacher.http://astridchan.weebly.com/ 1. “My wife and I are both music educators. Ever since we moved to Tucson in 1988 we have found Hachenberg Pianos to be a constant support in our work. We have been completely satisfied with the beautiful Yamaha Clavinovas that we purchased from Hachenberg for our own use and we enthusiastically refer students and acquaintances to the store as a reliable and knowledgeable resource for fine pianos. We appreciate Hachenberg Piano’s commitment to Tucson and to our mutual love of the piano, music making, and music education.”Dr. Rex Woods, Vice Director of the School of Music, University of Arizona 2. “I’ve worked with the folks at Hachenberg Piano for close to twenty years, and have had nothing but good experiences with them. Mark introduced our family to our beautiful  grand piano, and to our Clavinova digital piano. In addition, Mark’s brother has carefully and professionally moved our pianos several times. I appreciate the support the Hachenberg’s give to my piano studio, my students, Tucson Music Teachers Association, and the Tucson community.”Lynnette Barney, TMTA-piano teacher 3. “I have never hesitated to recommend the Hachenberg piano store for their fine pianos, great discounts and first class service.”Enrique Rosano, RPT – Certified Steinway piano technician 4. “Go to Hachenberg’s!” would be the first words out of my mouth if people ask me advice on buying a piano or renting one, whether it be my students or myself included (I’ve bought two pianos and a keyboard from them). There is no doubt in my mind when I leave the store that I got a bargain. Mark and his team are just about the nicest people in town. They have also recommended students to me which really helps. Hachenberg’s is the store I trust.”Angeline NgTucson piano teacher and concert pianist since 1993 5. “About three years ago I purchased from the Hachenberg’s my second grand piano. It has proven itself to be an excellent instrument. I greatly appreciate the fairness of the price and the Hachenberg’s personal post-purchase technical support.”Dr. Jozef PacholczykProfessor EmeritusSchool of Music, University of Maryland 6. “I have purchased a grand piano at Hachenberg and Sons over the summer, 2008. My students and I LOVE the piano and have enjoyed playing it. It has a beautiful and rich tone in the bass and the response of the action is great!!Most of all, we, as piano teachers in Tucson, all appreciate Mark Hachenberg for his great service, generosity, and for who he is. He treats customers with respect and kindness. He tries his best to suit each customer’s needs. I really appreciate his personality most of all. Also, Hachenberg provides warranty service and his son, Brian (as nice as Mark) provides very quick and great service. After my experience, I highly recommend all my students and friends to Hachenberg and Sons piano.Thank you Mark!”Ji Sun Lee, DMATMTA memberPiano Faculty, Music and Dance Academy of TucsonOrganist/ Pianist, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church 7. “I have known Mark Hachenberg for close to twenty years. I have bought all my musical instruments, including a 7-foot Piano, which I love, and a digital Piano lab from Hachenberg Pianos. Hachenbergs have always given me a detailed appraisal, and a fair price. Mark has always stood behind his products. I have had no hesitation in recommending students and parents to buy or rent their pianos or digital pianos from Hachenberg and Sons Pianos. I know that they will be treated considerately and honestly and that the Hachenberg warranty is a good one.”Nancy O’Brien, O’Brien Piano Studio 8. “I have known Mark Hachenberg for over 20 years. Over that time many of my customers have purchased instruments from Hachenberg & Sons. I have enjoyed a cordial relationship with Mark, his father and his brothers.”Robert A. AndersonRegistered Piano TechnicianPiano Technicians Guild
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